Master The Money Fear & Anxiety

Living paycheck to Paycheck  and want to feel  free?

Overcome you Money fears, blockages and negative views about Money


Let me show you how I went from having 3 jobs and no money, to be financially abundant.


I’m Helen and this is my story:

At 22 I was living alone and had no idea how to manage my finances. What I believed to be true about money was that I had to hustle and work hard, but that alone does not always guarantee success.

At some point I had three jobs but felt like I never had enough money. I had it all wrong! I got into debt like everyone else and realized that I was throwing away all my hard work.

After I changed careers, I started working in personal finances and preparing taxes. I continued to educate myself and made sure I was surrounded with like-minded professionals. My new network allowed me to start seeing money in a different light and to question everything I once believed. My mindset shifted and I never looked back!

I lived and felt the new energy towards money … I want you to do the same!

“The only way on earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want, and show them how to get it.”

-Dale Carnegie

I’m glad you are here!!

Thanks to my 10 years’ experience as a Tax Preparer and Insurance Broker, and 20 years working with everyday people, I noticed how they always trusted me to help them improve their lives by working on the one thing EVERYONE was struggling with: MONEY!

I will save you YEARS of hard work by improving your relationship with money through my 6 weeks program where I will teach you about personal finances and money mindset.


After 6 weeks

You will be able to sustain financial stability, a life of healthy finances and start to feel a new energy and approach towards money.

Each week we’ll work in a specific goal that will bring you closer to your financial freedom.

What you will accomplish in 6 weeks:

  • Recognize your mindset and patterns around money.

  • Unlearn your old mindset and believes.

  • Identify your spending habits.

  • Learn to manage your money.

  • Create a plan of action for your Money and a spending plan.

  • Create Your Financial Blueprint

Financial Freedom never looked so good!

I’m here to help you through this journey.

What they say …

Let me show you what my clients are saying!

Learn how to have a better relationship with Money


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